Ch Dimitroff D.Y av Fjascho Yablonaja Valentina
Ch Borscana Rocket Queen Ch Borscana Civil War Ch Borscana Sweet Child O'Mine Borscana One In A Million
Ch Borscana Vargavinter Ch Borscana Thor Thunder Ch Borscana High North Borscana Storms Estranged Ch Borscana Nordic Light Ch Borscana Midnight Sun Ch Borscana Misty Morning Ch Borscana November Rain Ch Borscana Sound Of Silence Ch Borscana Ulvejeger Borscana Back In Black Borscana Kormak Kataja Ch Borscana WitchCraft Ch Borscana Think About You Ch Borscana Cloudy Day Ch Borscana Christmas Eve Borscana Dreams of Rainmaker Borscana Valkyria Borscana My Michelle



World Winner 1998,
European Winner 1997
Copenhagen Winner 1997,
Finnish Winner 1997 & 1998
Swedish Winner 1997 & 1998
Norwegian Winner 1998
International, Nordic, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian & Danish Champion

Sweden's Top Borzoi 1995
Sweden's Top Borzoi 1996  
Sweden's Top Bitch 1997
Sweden's Top Borzoi 1998
Finlands Top Borzoi 1998
Finlands Top Sighthound 1998
No 16, Swedish KC's Top All Breed , 1998

Best in Show winner- all levels in both Sweden and Finland

BEST IN SHOW at the Skokloster Sighthound Specialty  in 1998

judges were Iriving Bonois, Karastan Borzoi- USA and Alain Campagne- France

BOB judge Paolo Dondina, Italy

Photo by Monika Willman

Hexe pictured winning BOB at the Skokloster Show
for Iriving Bonois, Karastan Borzoi kennels.
She was also
at this sighthound show of sighthound shows
for judge Alan Champaigne, France




Hexe is the queen of our hearts. Memories of her loving person will always remain and she'll live on in our hearts.
We see her face and soul in her children and grandchildren as an reminder that she has not left us behind
- she is with us, forever.

Hexe- is what we consider to be the best borzoi we have bred to this point. She excelled in movements and was a solid bitch of substance.
She gave birth to 3 litters for us, a total of 19 puppies. 13 of these puppies became champions and have been of great importance of the Borscana breeding program as well as for others

To mention a few of her offspring
SBIS Am & Can Ch Borscana Vargavinter-
USA's TOP TEN Borzoi No. 7- 2002
Canada's TOP TEN Borzoi No. 2- 2002
SBIS NW'04 SW'03 SW'02 International Swe, Fin & Norw Ch Borscana WitchCraft
Sweden's TOP TEN Borzoi 2004
Sweden's TOP TEN Borzoi Bitch 2003
Sweden's TOP PRODUCER 2009
SBIS Nordic Winner'06 SW'05 NW'05 NordicW'03, International, Swe, Fin, Dk & Nor Ch Borscana Ulvejeger
Sweden's TOP TEN Borzoi Male 2005 & 2006
Sweden's TOP PRODUCER 2007
Sweden's TOP PRODUCER 2008
Sweden's TOP STUD 2006
Sweden's TOP STUD 2009
BIS Australian Grand Champion Borscana Think About You
Top Borzoi Bitch in Australia, (Dogzonline), 2007
Top Borzoi Bitch, 2002 in Victoria - Australia
Top Borzoi Bitch, 2003 in Victoria - Australia
Top Borzoi Bitch, 2004 in Victoria - Australia
Runner Up Borzoi of the Year, 2003 & 2004 (B.C.V Competition)

She is also the grandmother of top winning dogs like
Ch Borscana Vulturine, Ch Borscana Stylish Fiction, Ch Borscana Unreal, Ch Borscana Ultima Thule, Ch Borscana Sonata Arctica, Ch Borscana HardCore SuperStar, Ch Borscana WinterSun, Ch Borscana Ce'Nedra etc.


BOB winner at European Winner Dog show in Denmark 1997
Breed judge: Anita Gielisse, NL

 Hexe was also Group-3