Ch Timirinja's Birkovitch Yablonaja Valentina
Kazar Orloff Ch Kazar Oleg Kazar Ondrei Ch Kazar Opus Ch Kazar Oberon Kazar Orion Ch Kazar Opal Ch Kazar Olympia Ch Kazar Opera Ch Kazar Oda
Borscana Taur Urgas Borscana Belgarion Ch Borscana Ce'Nedra Borscana Chretienne Borscana Mistress Metallica Ch Borscana Secret Sphere



owned by Borscana and Jan Petterson


"HEKLA" has been of great importance for Borscana and Kazar kennels. Producing National Specialty winning Ch Borscana Ce'Nedra and the successful Best In Show winning Ch Kazar Olympia, as well as others who have had importance in breeding.

Her grandchildren are to be seen all over the world.


The sire of her Borscana litter is Ch Borscana Thor Thunder
the sire of her Kazar litter is Ch Seabury JAY Egoiste

She gained her titles when she was in co-ownership with Monika Willman, Zimistraija Borzoi